Debbie Schultz
June 24, 2012 | Debbie Schultz

Hay man!

When we made an offer on a little piece of property in southern Oregon, we admired the lovely, fully irrigated two and a half acre yard.  We had visions of a lush vineyard, planted with our favorite wine grapes.  When we drove by the property about a month after we went under contract, we thought, “Gee, they really need to MOW our future yard!”  When we drove by again several weeks later, we thought, “Oh Lord, we just bought a hay field!”

It was soon time to cut the hay, so we hired “Bob” to cut and bale the hay for us.  Now what?  Bob said, “Get that hay off the field A.S.A.P.”  We hooked the cart up to the John Deere, and off we went.   (We really need to get the truck fixed.)

After 34 trips to the barn, the hay was finally stacked by yours truly and Farmer Greg.

We put an ad on Craigslist, and a man named Jesus called the next day and bought it all.  Really!

Thinking toward the future, do we want to produce two acres of hay, or do we want to produce two acres of wine grapes = 6 tons of fruit = 16 barrels of wine = 3,600 liters of wine = 4,800 bottles of wine?  What do you think our decision will be?  As we’re finishing a bottle of our almost ready 2010 Merlot, we think we like the mouth feel of a nice Merlot better than a mouthful of hay!


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