Greg Schultz
March 29, 2013 | Greg Schultz

Our Vineyard Consultation

Dr. Greg Jones is a Southern Oregon University professor and research climatologist in the Department of Environmental Studies.  He specializes in studying how weather and climate influence agriculture and is passionate about working with vineyard owners in the pursuit of premium quality wine grapes.  Read more about Dr. Jones here.

Dr. Jones came out to our site to discuss our vineyard development with Debbie and me.  He gave us lots of good ideas, encouragement, and followed up with a thorough site assessment including geology, topography, and of course, climate.  Based on this, Dr. Jones was able to recommend to us the best suited grape varieties, rootstock choices, and the optimum vineyard layout.

Here is some information from Dr. Jones’ report:

Schultz Property Assessment
2555 Glory C Rd., Medford, OR
The property resides in the SW section of the Bear Creek Valley where Griffin Creek exits the mountains into the valley. The property itself is listed at 2.60 acres with the estimated plantable acreage approximately 1.22 acres (Figure 1).

Based on his research of a published soil survey of the region, Dr. Jones suggested that our soil type is probably a Debenger-Brader Loam.  These soils are typically well-drained and slightly acidic.  For homework, he asked us to send a soil sample to A&L Western Labs for analysis.

One day closer to a vineyard…


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