Greg Schultz
August 2, 2015 | Greg Schultz

Riparian Restoration

Approximately 1,500 feet of Slagle Creek meanders through our farm property. The creek banks are home to native grasses, shrubs, and trees and the creek is frequently visited by area wildlife. Mature alder, ash, cottonwood, maple, oak, and willow trees line both sides of the creek, but very few young trees are growing because of the competition and shade caused by massive entanglements of blackberries and other non-native invasive plants. We are in the early stages of a 5+ year restoration plan developed with the assistance of the Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council (APWC).  

The phases of the project include the following activities:

  1. Invasive vegetation removal
  2. Regrowth treatment and cover crop
  3. Native tree/shrub planting
  4. Maintenance

Slagle Creek (dry in summer) looking east from driveway.

Our goal is to remove the invasive plants using low impact methods and with as little disturbance as possible to the creek bed. We will plant native grasses, shrubs and trees to protect stream health and promote wildlife habitat. We understand that in years past, juvenile steelhead trout have used our small stream to escape the currents of the spring flow in the Applegate River. We would love to see that again!


The young Malbec vines have been in the ground for six weeks now. We are pleased with their growth and overall health. Survival rate is 99+%, with most plants now taller than the 2' grow tube protecting them, and a few nearly 5' tall.  

The second year Tempranillo vines are extremely vigorous, now well established and enjoying the cool drip irrigation that they receive twice daily. Mostly we are letting them grow vegetatively, but we are allowing some of the larger plants to produce a few grape clusters--looking forward to home-made grape jelly this fall!

Developing Tempranillo grape clusters.


Progress on the tasting room / farm stand construction is about 50% complete. Electrical and plumbing are roughed in, sheet rock is up, new siding is on, and the front entrance has been constructed. We are very excited!

New front entrance and pergola seen during siding installation.

One day closer...


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