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November 16, 2011 | News and Updates | Greg Schultz

My First Blog Post

With our new web site comes our first blog. I can think of no better topic for this first effort than the 2011 grape harvest. Due to a very cool spring, harvest started late, came on fast, and is still not yet quite over for everyone. For us, though, it is—thankfully!

This year, we bought all of our grapes from Steelhead Run Vineyard—an absolutely beautiful site on the Applegate River. Ron and Laurie Burley, owners of the vineyard (and the nicest people you’ll ever know), have been growing fine wine grapes for 16 years at the site. Ron sent a note out to all of his customers in mid-October stating “it's looking like this is going to (be) our latest harvest ever”.

So what does that mean, really? For one thing, it means wondering if the grapes are going to fully ripen before the frost comes and shuts the vines down. On the logistics side, it means cramming what normally takes 8 weeks, into 4 weeks—are there enough field hands to pick the grapes? Can the bins that are used to haul the grapes to the winery be turned around quickly enough for tomorrow’s harvest? Will the wineries have tanks, barrels, and processing capacity to handle peak demand?

We’re still small players (twice as big as last year, but still small), so we were able to harvest our fully-ripe grapes and get them processed at Pallet Wine with relatively little trouble—a few re-schedules, but no big deal really. So, what does the future 2011 vintage look like for Schultz Wines? Our portfolio will continue to include our Homeward Chardonnay and Blessed Merlot. We will add two Rhone varietals that produce extremely well in Southern Oregon—Syrah and Viognier. An extra special (last minute addition) is a small lot of beautifully ripened Tempranillo that will be made into a Port-style dessert wine.


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