Greg Schultz
July 3, 2015 | Greg Schultz

Malbec and Tasting Room

We got a call from the nursery telling us our 2,000 Malbec plants were on their Oregon truck and would be delivered in three days! Yikes!  We weren't quite ready because we thought we had three weeks to finish up the trellis system. A quick call to Applegate Vineyard Management (AVM) landed us a crew to run the trellis wires and install the drip irrgation tubing--but they couldn't start for a week. So when the truck arrived, we off-loaded them into the vineyard area and arranged them so that a lawn sprinkler on an automatic timer could water them twice a day until they could be planted. It worked! 


80 flats of Malbec plants ready for water.

AVM crew installing wire and drip tubing.

On Monday and Tuesday, AVM installed the wires and drip tubing complete with emitters located every 4 feet for the plants. On Wednesday, we turned the irrigation on and watered heavily to mark the spots for the holes that needed to be dug and to soften the dry summer soil. On Thursday, I got to the vineyard at 5:30 am and found an even bigger AVM crew. As some were using gas-powered augers to drill the 2,000 holes for the Malbec, others were planting them. By 2:30 pm that day we were finished! We are watering twice a day and will continue to do so until the fall rains return.

Plants going into the east end of the vineyard.

Immediately after the planting we turned our sights on the tasting room project. We obtained the necessary approvals and permits and got to work. Jack Resner of Artisan Design and Construction is designing and building the project which is a re-model of the 1940's farmhouse on the property. Our goal is to have a small and rustic, yet comfortable farm stand for selling our wine and other farm products with a great view of the vineyard and surrounding countryside.  

What would we find when we pulled up the carpet and linoleum?

Beautiful wood floors!

Remodel as seen from the vineyard.

The contractors are making good progress. Most of the "de-construction" has been completed, so we can start to see what the remodel will look like. Still a lot of work remains, but we are one day closer to a tasting room...


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