Greg Schultz
May 25, 2013 | Greg Schultz

Developing a vineyard--row and plant spacing

Chris Hubert has many years of vineyard experience and now works for the Medford branch of OVS, a Willamette Valley (McMinnville) vineyard supply and service company.  Chris visited our site, and while our project is a bit small for his company to take on, he said that he would be happy to consult with us and help out when he could--Chris and OVS are quite good and are very busy right now planting and maintaining vineyards in the Rogue Valley—good for them!

Chris recommended we plant on a 4' x 7' layout with rows running north-south. 


This means that our plants will be 4 feet apart in the rows and the rows will be 7 feet apart from each other.  Plant and row spacing are selected based on the desire to balance the vigor of the plants with the soil, water, and climate conditions and by the size of the equipment needed to farm the vineyard.  With 4 feet between the vines and 7 feet between the rows, we will need to plant 1,555 vines per acre.

One day closer to a vineyard…


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