Greg Schultz
August 11, 2014 | Greg Schultz

Deer Fence

Putting up a deer fence is a necessity and a big project!  We spoke with four different fence builders before selecting a design and a company to install it.  We wanted a fence that would be effective at keeping the deer out, durable, and one that would make an attractive approach to our property.  We selected Timberline Fence Company out of Grants Pass.

The project included the removal of an old barbed wire fence and lots of blackberry plants.  The new fence is a combination of fir posts, T posts, game fence, and wire.  We had to think about access for tractors and equipment to farm the vineyard as well as to harvest the future fruit.  With two sides of the fence nearly 800 ft long, we also had to think about human access points--where to put the "man gates".  

Before concluding the fence discussion, I want to come back to the deer.  Part of our desire to put our vineyard in the rural Applegate Valley (and someday live there) is to be able to enjoy the wildlife that lives there.  We have seen turkeys, rabbits, a mountain lion, and all kinds of birds (just to name a few) on and around our property, in addition to many deer!  We know that they were there before we were, so we are attempting to co-habitate as much as possible.  We are leaving the beautiful trees and are keeping access to the creek open.  Just stay away from our grapevines!!!

It took Sam and his crew from Timberline a couple of weeks to gather materials and complete the installation.  They worked fast and were there many long days.  They did an excellent job--we are very pleased!  Even with a quick project and lots of commotion on site during installation, those sneaky deer still managed to nibble on some of the vines--no long term damage though.  With the vines in the ground now about 6 weeks, some are reaching 5 ft tall already.  Below are two photos showing an undisturbed vine and one that was dessert for a hungry deer.


 New vine more than 5 ft tall

 Vine found by a hungry deer

The fence has now been in for about a week and everything looks good.  Here are a few photos.


Timberline installing fir rail

Finished project



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