Greg Schultz
October 12, 2015 | Greg Schultz

Wild Cats, Tall Grass and Tasting Room, oh my!

Last Wednesday afternoon, we were in the tasting room working on interior design details. I glanced up the driveway toward the vineyard and saw what looked like a housecat crossing the driveway left to right up the creek. It was a good sized cat, with almost no tail. Hmmm. A few minutes later three cats were in single file coming back down the creek. Bobcats! Probably a mother and two juveniles. One of the real pleasures of being out in the country is the wildlife. In addition to bobcats, we have seen turkeys, hawks, deer, ground squirrels (grrr!), mountain lion, and elk. We have not seen bear yet, but they are around. 

Bobcat sighting 

The plant life is equally diverse and abundant. Sure, we have our share of noxious weeds that we are slowly eliminating, but we are blessed with many beautiful native trees, shrubs, and grasses. One particular grass caught my eye (almost literally) on Friday. I am just shy of 6 feet tall and the tip of this grass was scratching my forehead. Can you help us identify it?

Tall grass, identified later by Rachel Werling,

OSU Extension agent as Intermediate Wheat


In the vineyard, all 4,000 grow tubes have been removed, and the vines are anxiously anticipating autumn. Since temperatures are still in the upper 80s and we have had only 1/8" of rain since July, we continue to have the drip irrigation system running every other day. We did not harvest any fruit this year for winemaking since our vines are too young, but did gather some beautiful clusters that Debbie made into grape syrup--great on pancakes, English muffins, and Debbie's homemade yogurt! Yum!

Tempranillo ready for harvest

Progress on the tasting room continues. The driveway and parking area are ready. Sharon from Plant Oregon has completed the landscape plan which Debbie and I will implement after the rains start. Bartlett Trees has cleaned up the trees and left us with some much-needed wood chips for mulch. The tasting counter is under construction with the granite top expected next week. Meagan is working up some exciting interior/exterior design plans for our furnishings and the commerical dishwasher is on order. Whew!

Tasting counter going in

Exterior finished and awaiting landscaping

We don't know when we will be finished and ready to open, but we do know that we are--one day closer...


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